Writing Left

Right-handed people tend to slant the paper left-to-right. Unfortunately, this is the technique many righties unthinkingly use when teaching left-handed children to write. This forces the lefty to hook the wrist (often the entire arm) in order to write from left to right on the page. It usually causes parts of the hand or wrist to be dragged through the ink. This may also be one reason some lefties learn "mirror-image" writing, from right to left -- it's easier when the paper is in this position!

Incorrect position

Correct position

The solution is simple. Slant the paper right-to-left. This allows the left hand to be positioned below the line of writing. The wrist is in a comfortable position, and the writer can sit with good posture. The hand does not get dragged through the fresh ink. Parents and teachers who see a child writing in the hook position can make a habit of gently repositioning the paper and the child's hand.

But please don't worry about it too much. Some lefties really feel more comfortable writing hooked, curled, leaning, or upside-down. That's okay!