It's Not a Disability, Rosemary West
Anya's Secret Society - Lefties don't have to be imitation righties
Do Righties Live Longer?
Reversed Writing
Preliminary Data Indicating a Relationship Between Primary Nocturnal Enuresis and Handedness, Mark A. Murphy
The World of Sinistral Subterfuge, M.K. Holder
Ambidexterity Exercise
Left-Handers in Society: Speaking out
Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization: Research at Indiana University


How to Tie Your Shoes - Video
How to Write Left
Left-Handed Crocheting has helpful diagrams.


Mirror Guitar Playing is about playing left-handed.
Playing Right-Handed Guitar Left-Handed without restringing the guitar
Adirondack Guitar
The First Left-Handed Piano
Arnis Left-Handed Basses
Software: Virtual Fretboard
Frogpad, ergonomic keyboards

LeftHand NZ - Products, supplies, information
SmudgeGuard - Eliminate smudges on your hand when writing and drawing
Lefty's in Australia
Lefty's Corner
Left Hand Scandinavia
Anything Left-Handed
Right to left tape measure
Lefties Only Golf
Unicorn Quest: Tutor for one-handed or two-handed typing

Please don't send me email to ask if I know where you can find a left-handed shoehorn or a left-handed hairbrush or anything else. I am not keeping any secrets. If I know about it, it's already on this page. For products not listed here, or for local stores, try Google.

Note: You may not need a left-handed mouse or trackball. If you are using Windows, you can simply change your mouse settings, usually through the Control Panel. Most Mac computers support left-handed use with no special effort.


Left Hand, West Virginia 25251


Famous Left-handers: Complied by M.K. Holder
Fun Facts


Left Handed Billy wasn't intended to be funny when it appeared in 1850.


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I often receive inquiries from people looking for specialized resources, or specific kinds of information. Rest assured, all the information I have gets added to this website as soon as I have it. I'm not holding anything back! Please try following some of the special pages here; many of them have the answers to your questions. Draw on the resources of the community by participating in the messages and discussions here.

If you are writing a research paper about handedness or brain dominance, I suggest the excellent site at Indiana University and the other fine articles listed in the research section at the top of this page.

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