Information for Left-Handers and Converted Left-handers in English and German
It's Not a Disability, Rosemary West
Left-Handed But Not Left Behind is an educational book by Annie Thomassen
Do Righties Live Longer?
What is Handedness?
Reversed Writing
Toddlers Today: When Left is Right, Carla Haley Shoemaker
Preliminary Data Indicating a Relationship Between Primary Nocturnal Enuresis and Handedness, Mark A. Murphy
An Islamic Perspective - eating and writing with the left hand
The World of Sinistral Subterfuge, M.K. Holder
Ambidexterity Exercise
Frequently-Asked Questions, by Barry D. Benowitz.
Left-Handers in Society: Speaking out
Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization: Research at Indiana University


How to Tie Your Shoes - Video
How to Write Left
Book: Playing the Violin Left-Handed
Karen's Left-Handed Knitting Page includes pictures and instructions.
Left-Handed Crocheting has helpful diagrams.


Mirror Guitar Playing is about playing left-handed.
Playing Right-Handed Guitar Left-Handed without restringing the guitar
Left-Handed Guitars and Basses
Adirondack Guitar
The First Left-Handed Piano
Arnis Left-Handed Basses
Software: Virtual Fretboard
Frogpad, ergonomic keyboards
For additional products and services, see the Shopping section on this page.


Southpaw Legacy: Baseball's Greatest Lefties
Left-Handed boomerangs and how-to tips
For left-handed sports equipment, see the Shopping section on this page.

LeftHand NZ - Products, supplies, information
SmudgeGuard - Eliminate smudges on your hand when writing and drawing
Left-Handed Hair Dressing Shears
Lefty's in Australia
Left Hand Zone
Lefty's Corner
Left Hand Scandinavia
Anderson Left Hand Side in Australia
Greeting Cards of Lefthanders' Day August 13
Anything Left-Handed
R-U Lefthanded
Right to left tape measure
Lefties Only Golf
Truly Yours Gifts and Collectibles
The Left Hand lefthanded products
Left-Handed hair scissors
Unicorn Quest: Tutor for one-handed or two-handed typing

Please don't send me email to ask if I know where you can find a left-handed shoehorn or a left-handed hairbrush or anything else. I am not keeping any secrets. If I know about it, it's already on this page. For products not listed here, or for local stores, try Google.

Note: You may not need a left-handed mouse or trackball. If you are using Windows, you can simply change your mouse settings, usually through the Control Panel. If you still use a DOS system, check your mouse or trackball manual. Most have command line parameters that let you set them for left-handed use. Most Mac computers support left-handed use with no special effort.


Left Hand, West Virginia 25251


Famous Left-Handers compiled by Matthijs Vleesch du Bois
Famous Left-handers: Complied by M.K. Holder
Jordon Kalilich writes about being left-handed
E. Stephen Mack: An excellent collection of left-handed commentary, facts and resources
Maria "Maryalena" Mertz - the Left Zone
Inken B. Spreda, The European Lefthanders' Page
Fun Facts


Left Handed Billy wasn't intended to be funny when it appeared in 1850.
Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame
Dextera Domini: The Declaration on the Pastoral Care of Left-Handed Persons


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I often receive inquiries from people looking for specialized resources, or specific kinds of information. Rest assured, all the information I have gets added to this website as soon as I have it. I'm not holding anything back! Please try following some of the special pages here; many of them have the answers to your questions. Draw on the resources of the community by participating in the messages and discussions here.

If you are writing a research paper about handedness or brain dominance, I suggest the excellent site at Indiana University and the other fine articles listed in the research section at the top of this page.

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