Q. How can I teach a left-handed child to avoid writing in the uncomfortable "hook-handed" position?
A. Slant the paper the other way. See our illustrated guide.

Q. My child is writing backward! What is wrong?
A. When first learning to write, some children surprise their parents by writing backwards, creating perfect mirror-images of the letters. Parents are sometimes concerned that this may be a sign of dyslexia or some other learning disability. In fact, it is a normal stage for many children, and is probably more common in lefties than in righties. Here's an interesting theory

Q. I'm trying to learn or teach a skill. All the charts and diagrams are for right handed people and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it left handed.
A. Hold the diagram up to a mirror. It will appear left-handed.

Q. I'm looking for scholarships for left-handed people.
A. There are only two left-handed scholarships I have ever heard of. To qualify for the first one, you must already be a student at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA, and have a high grade point average. There may be another one available at http://www.myusearch.com/scholarships. If you really manage to get a scholarship just for being left-handed, please let me know.

A. A good place to start looking for information is the site at Indiana Univeristy. You can also try some of the articles listed in the Resources section on this site, and take a look at the list of books. Remember, the Internet can be a great research tool, but it is also overrun with sites containing unverifiable, unreliable, and just plain false information. Look for reliable sources of current information, such as major universities and public libraries.

Q. Help! My term paper is due in three days!
A. You should have started working on it sooner.

Q. I'm looking for a left-handed can-opener (or shoehorn, hairbrush, catbox, buttonhook, telephone, moustache curler, etc., etc., etc.).
A. If I know about it, it's already listed. I'm not keeping any secrets! If it's not here, I don't have it.

Q. I'm looking for a left-handed wholesaler or retailer in my city.
A. I list only left-handed stores and suppliers that have web sites. Some of these may have storefronts or catalog ordering; if they do, the address will be listed on their home page.

Q. I want to know if my favorite movie star is left-handed. Or I need a list of historical figures who were left-handed.
A. See M.K. Holder's list of famous lefties. And take a look out our Creative Lefties page.

Q. Do you know of any clubs for left-handers?
A. Check the Resources area on this website. If we know about it, it's there. If it isn't there, we don't know about it.

Q. I think my child is left-handed. I'm worried. Should I force him to be right-handed?
A. No! Don't even think about it. Forcing left-handed children to become right-handed may cause emotional or physical problems. It can make your child feel frustrated and unaccepted. At best, it wastes time that could be spent on happier pursuits. Love your child the way nature designed him. Being left-handed is perfectly normal. If you're worried about the twisted or hooked position lefties sometimes use when writing, see our page on how to write left.

Q. Is it possible for two right handed-parents to have a left-handed child?
A. Yes. In fact, most lefties are the children of two righties.

Q. I have some more questions about left handedness.
A. See our Fun Facts page for more interesting information!

Q. Can I subscribe to this site?
A. We don't offer subscriptions at this time, but if you'd like to help, please see the contribution page.

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