April 15, 2013

Left Handed World

Vancouver, Washington (PRWEB)

ITI Web Store Group has announced the launch of LeftHandedWorld, a new online store featuring a wide variety of left-handed products. The store offers a variety of left-handed tools, scissors, kitchen items, music guides, books, school/office supplies, electronics, novelty items and personalized gifts.

"LeftHandedWorld.com features both practical day to day tools for use by left-handers and interesting gift giving ideas for those who love them," states Timothy C. Barry of ITI Web Store Group. "We've been studying the left-handed retail space and planning to add a left-handed store to our group for some time and, as an incorrigible life-long southpaw myself, this is part business and part labor of love. We already have several hundred left-handed items available in the store and we are adding more every day."

Included in LeftHandedWorld's selection of useful left-handed items are a substantial number of products that can be individually personalized for gift giving. Made from quality wood, leather, acrylic and anodized metals, laser engraving can personalize these items for year around gift giving.

"We researched existing left-handed products and noticed that there were almost none that offered any individual personalization," continues Barry. "Since we already have laser engravers for our other stores, we are able to use them to add a personal laser engraved name, slogan, message and so on to quite a selection of our left-handed products. Personalization always makes a great left-handed gift even more memorable. It's also practical: If your child's left-handed scissors are laser marked with the child's name it's a lot easier to identify yours at school or after play dates."


  1. Do you buy and use many left-handed products Rosemary or do you use whatever is at hand? I'm a lefty however I have never purchased a left-handed specific product other than a gaming mouse.

    1. Hi, Justin. I don't use a lot of left-handed products. In the past I've used a left-handed mouse, and might use one again in the future, but currently the one I have is ambidextrous. I'm one of those lefties that learned to do a lot of things right-handed out of necessity. I have thought about trying a left-handed can opener just because I find can openers in general awkward and I'm wondering if it would be easier to use one with the left hand.

  2. Hi Justin, Rosemary, if you guys like please check this original gift: Limited Edition Left Handers Tees


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