February 27, 2012

Left Hander Stories

Barbara H. Lefty wrote:

I want to create a page of stories that left handed people can read and add to.

I myself have dealt with many different types of things from lack of understanding there is a difference, bigotry, abuse or by outright crazy things such as being fired from a job just because they realized I was left handed.

Add your own posts and stories, maybe some results and laws you may have found that help those who have been dealing with biased attitudes and where they are located in general.

February 2, 2012

forced right handedness

junaid09 Wrote:

Hey guys. I'm 18. I was forced to switch from my left to my right hand between the age of 4 and 6. I still do loads of stuff with my left hand. I get depressed at times.. Has this gotta do anything with the switching?? If anyone can help please mail me. I could really use some help. Thanks :)