August 24, 2011


Ron Tranmer wrote:

In the very beginning
when God made woman and man,
to identify intelligence
He devised a glorious plan.

After we were tested,
in His wisdom he commanded,
“Those with great intelligence,
will henceforth be left-handed.”

So when you see a lefty,
please show them some respect,
and try not to be offended
by their greater intellect.

Although you are right-handed,
for which there is no cure,
remember God still loves you.
He just loves lefties more.

August 12, 2011

Lefty forced to be righty


Hi, I’m Isaac Osobukola, a year 12 student. I am researching into effects of forced change on handedness. Do you really change your natural handedness? To do this I need to collect a lot of data from those who have not been forced to change their handedness and those who have. I assure you that any data you provide is strictly confidential and would not be passed to any 3rd party. Please fill in this quick survey. Thanks for your cooperation. :)