May 25, 2011

Lefty forced to be a righty

Tinna444 wrote:

I'm 42 and right-handed, but I started off LEFT-handed. Has anyone ever heard of a study or any research at all on what this does to our development? I have major issues with getting lost! Also, college level math courses are very challenging. I would love to find out if this is due to being converted from Left to right-handed.


  1. You will get a lot of comments about this. There are many theories, some personal, some with more scientific evidence, about the consequences of forced switching. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and I think it's probably a mistake to blame every problem a person has on being switched. After all, people who weren't switched often have similar problems. But common sense should tell us that forcing a child to do something in an awkward, painful way instead of in a graceful, comfortable way is not going to have positive results! It is a very destructive thing to do.

  2. P.S. College level math courses were challenging for me, too, and I wasn't switched. I just don't like math.

  3. There is actually a book about this,by a survivor who also gives notes on other's research — it's HIDDEN HANDEDNESS by Samuel Randolph, on Amazon and Kine. Read it!

  4. I am a 60 year old architect who was forced to write right handed by the nun's. At 59 i figured out i could draw/sketch better in perspective
    left handed. i hadn't really known much about the left hand / right brain connection and what
    effect having your writing hand converted would do. I have been working at changing both writing and drawing back to left handed for about 16 months. I think than in drawing it is a more positive experience for me left handed.
    It is more emotionally connected, a better flow, less critical. There is amazing info from a German researcher Johanna Barbara Sattler. The book hasn't been published in english, would love to read. The subtitle is "The Knot That Tied The Brain". She refers to
    having handedness changed is being brain damaged. She says you can change handedness but not brainedness . I think this area needs to be studied.

  5. I was never switched and math was never my strong subject. It is only now as an adult do I reason through math problems easily. I also have absolutely no sense of direction. Unfortunately, those two issues are probably chalked up to you being a natural lefty, not being switched.

  6. I am ambidextrous, and write, brush my teeth, hold cutlery with my left hand. I throw with my right arm. I also have absolutely no sense of direction.

  7. Some outcomes for Johanna Barbara Sattler's studies in Germany on converted left handeders:

    - memory disorders (especially in the recall of learned material)
    - disturbances in concentration (being easily tired)
    - legasthenic problems or dyslexia (i.e. problems in reading and writing)
    - spatial disorientation (uncertainty concerning the left and right)
    - disorders in fine motor skills that manifest themselves in handwriting
    - disturbances in speech (ranging from stammering through stuttering)

  8. Hi, I’m Isaac Osobukola, a year 12 student. I am researching into effects of forced change on handedness. Do you really change your natural handedness? To do this I need to collect a lot of data from those who have not been forced to change their handedness and those who have. I assure you that any data you provide is strictly confidential and would not be passed to any 3rd party. Please fill in this quick survey. Thanks for your cooperation. :)

  9. i dont know why people change their children to right handed if they're left handed, left handed people are smarter (the whole left side uses right brain) so forced right handedness is a terrible idea, make sure you tell your parents that

  10. Please have a read on this.
    Change of handedness may be a result of brain damage.
    Change of handedness due to forced change since young may have the exact same degree of damage to one's brain. (The link below directs to a research report in English).


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