April 11, 2011

left-handed parent with right-handed child

Visioncat wrote:

I'm left-handed, my toddler is very obviously right-handed. I have been looking for resources on the web to help me know how to teach her to write but can't find anything. Everything I have found is for right-handed parents of left-handed children. I can't ask my mum for help as she is also left-handed.

Does anyone have any advice or links  to resources?



  1. I haven't seen this issue addressed anywhere, but it's interesting. As left-handers, most of us have had to adapt to a right-handed world, which includes learning at least a few skills with the right hand or ambidextrously. If that describes you, you're a step ahead when it comes to working with your child. For example, my parents never made any attempt to switch me. But they unconsciously used the right hand when teaching me how to use a toothbrush, and so I've always brushed my teeth with my right. But it's a simple enough task that I can guide a child with either hand to match her preference.

  2. This technique helped me as a right handed parent of a left handed child and I think it would work for you too. I would sit facing my son so anything I did with my right hand he would copy it with his left.

  3. I'm wondering if you can't just take the the same advice that right-handed parents use and just flip it? Am I being overly simple? I'm thinking about things like they way you turn the paper, handing them the pencil, etc.

  4. http://www.handwritingworksheets.com

    You may want to try this website.

  5. There is a book/CD series called LEFT HAND WRITiNG SKILLS, designed so that either a right-handed or left-handed teacher/parent can use it to teach a left-handed child. Ordering info is on the Lefties' Lounge" page of my handwriting improvement web-site HandwritingThatWorks.com— when you order, please say you heard about it from me (Kate Gladstone).


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