February 17, 2011

piano problem/left hand

KHUU wrote:

i have a problem when playing with my left hand. I have been playing for 5-6 months now but i cant seem to relax my hand. It keeps stiffening up when i play. My knuckles keep bending down making my fingers higher than my palms. Also when i stretch my fingers to reach farther away keys my left hand can't curve and ends up looking crooked. Is there a way to fix this problem?


  1. When playing a basic rock beat with my right hand on the hi-hat and my left hand playing the snare I feel like my left hand stick is kind of locked in underneath my right hand stick and I don't really have room to lift it up. Its mainly a problem when playing off-beat 16th notes on the snare the es and as while the right hand stick is playing 8ths on the hi-hat.

  2. I have a mirror problem. At first I played it wrong. With just the finger I needed, but I made a point to play it like it's supossed to. But It's easier to play with my leftie, my right hand sometimes play the wrong note. Just for the record I'm right-handed in writing and many more thing and left handed in a few things, but I'd like to be left-handed.


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