January 7, 2011

Missing people

Celldumb wrote:

More than a few people are missing from the left handed list.

All of us lefties that were abused, during our formative years, into becoming right handed, are missing from lists. Throughout history, in their fear, millions of parents concealed the fact that they had produced a left handed, spawn of the devil, child. Everyone that was born left handed, ran the risk of becoming a CHANGED person.

A left handed person may easily run second or third, in the human race. Queered, by domineering authority figures into using only our weak sides, righted lefties run spazdick; second or third. . . to the last, predators nipping at our heels.

Life can be difficult for lefties, and absolutely hideous, after some God figure screws us into being right. We are forced to live a lie, in denial. We can only try to act normal; we fit in, don’t act out, and keep our mouth shut.


  1. A powerful statement! Young lefties I talk to from North America and Europe are often amazed to learn that there is (or ever was) any kind of serious discrimination against lefties. Those who have been lucky enough to grow up in modernized societies with a high level of education are often untouched by problems like this. And it is amazing to know that there are still many places in the world where this kind of ignorance is still common.

  2. i was a left handed person as a child I was force to write with my right. My mother believed people that wrote with a left hand were evil. Later on she realize she made a mistake because a lot of things were hard to do. Like opening a can. Now that I'm an adult and as child my brain always told me to use my left and when I notice I was I/would immediately switch to my right. I can write with both hands and I mostly use my left hand. I think this was cruel thing to do to a child bc at time I was confuse and stay am.


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