January 23, 2011

Most Extensive Selection of Left-Handed Products

Elizabeth wrote:

Visit leftyslefthanded.com for the most extensive selection of left-handed products. Lefty's has two brick and mortar stores, one in Pier 39 in San Francisco, and the other in The Marketplace at Downtown Disney, in Orlando. We have many conversations with our customers at the stores, through our thousands of subscribers on the website, and though our facebook page. Many of our products are custom designed, and customer inspired. We're thrilled to find this blog, and look forward to following it. Leftyslefthanded.com has everything for left-handers.

January 7, 2011

Missing people

Celldumb wrote:

More than a few people are missing from the left handed list.

All of us lefties that were abused, during our formative years, into becoming right handed, are missing from lists. Throughout history, in their fear, millions of parents concealed the fact that they had produced a left handed, spawn of the devil, child. Everyone that was born left handed, ran the risk of becoming a CHANGED person.

A left handed person may easily run second or third, in the human race. Queered, by domineering authority figures into using only our weak sides, righted lefties run spazdick; second or third. . . to the last, predators nipping at our heels.

Life can be difficult for lefties, and absolutely hideous, after some God figure screws us into being right. We are forced to live a lie, in denial. We can only try to act normal; we fit in, don’t act out, and keep our mouth shut.