August 24, 2011


Ron Tranmer wrote:

In the very beginning
when God made woman and man,
to identify intelligence
He devised a glorious plan.

After we were tested,
in His wisdom he commanded,
“Those with great intelligence,
will henceforth be left-handed.”

So when you see a lefty,
please show them some respect,
and try not to be offended
by their greater intellect.

Although you are right-handed,
for which there is no cure,
remember God still loves you.
He just loves lefties more.

August 12, 2011

Lefty forced to be righty


Hi, I’m Isaac Osobukola, a year 12 student. I am researching into effects of forced change on handedness. Do you really change your natural handedness? To do this I need to collect a lot of data from those who have not been forced to change their handedness and those who have. I assure you that any data you provide is strictly confidential and would not be passed to any 3rd party. Please fill in this quick survey. Thanks for your cooperation. :)

May 26, 2011

Right handed for most things but left handed for others

Sandran Wrote:

I'm mostly right handed, yes I know that sounds a bit odd to many people to say you're mostly right handed, but for certain things I'm left handed and I don't take too much notice of switching from doing one thing with one hand, then something left with the other - it's just natural to me. 

As far as I remember as a child I was right handed, using my right hand for writing, drawing, sewing and so on, until when I was around 12 years old when I started getting problems holding a (fountain) pen in my right hand for long periods.  I tried writing left handed - not a great success, it felt  awkward so I only did it to give my right hand a break then I gave up on the experiment after a while.

Four or five years later when I was learning to type (on a typewriter) I realized I was using my left hand much more than others did, especially for the keys in the middle of the keyboard.  When computers with mice came along I discovered it was so much easier and natural for me to mouse left handed -  oh the look of horror on IT persons' faces at work when they have had to visit and find the mouse of the left side of the keyboard. "You haven't changed the mouse settings, have you?" like it's a crime (I don't switch the buttons because my middle finger is stronger and less prone to joint problems than my forefinger). 

I can be clicking through screens and doing stuff with the mouse with my left hand and have my pen poised in my right hand to write notes, annotate paperwork and so on.  I have several colleagues who now think nothing of using the mouse with their left hand all the time, when they write with the right, after they've seen me doing it - me being a bad influence or just being practical?  I'm all for what is practical, whatever works for you and thus the placing of phone, computer, document stand  etc on my desk at work - I just wait to see if I can get the layout right for me again once we've moved office (some time in the next two months)  and have new/different desks.

May 25, 2011

Lefty forced to be a righty

Tinna444 wrote:

I'm 42 and right-handed, but I started off LEFT-handed. Has anyone ever heard of a study or any research at all on what this does to our development? I have major issues with getting lost! Also, college level math courses are very challenging. I would love to find out if this is due to being converted from Left to right-handed.

April 11, 2011

left-handed parent with right-handed child

Visioncat wrote:

I'm left-handed, my toddler is very obviously right-handed. I have been looking for resources on the web to help me know how to teach her to write but can't find anything. Everything I have found is for right-handed parents of left-handed children. I can't ask my mum for help as she is also left-handed.

Does anyone have any advice or links  to resources?


March 31, 2011

Mirror Guitar Playing

An injury forced Tom to switch from right-handed guitar to left-handed. On his website he explains how he did it. See:

March 23, 2011

Adorable Ebook for Little Left-Handers

WindmillW wrote:

Announcing New Children's E-book: "Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy" - a delightfully illustrated and professionally narrated E-book written by left-handed me to empower little left-handers everywhere and all children who see the world from a different point of view! Lucky lives under the "H" of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. Life is relatively fine for Lucky until William T. Stagent, the Hollywood agent, whisks Lucky and his brothers off to Hollywood to make them the new stars of the Bow-Wow-Chow-Now commercial. The adventure could be disasterous until Lucky saves the day in his own left-pawed way. If you're left-handed, like me, I think you'll love this little E-book. If you're a parent of a child from 4 to 10, you'll find it empowering for your child! The Windows based program is "page-turning" and narrated; the pdf version for MACS reads as a regular PDF with clickable narration. (Enter contest to win a FREE download of Lucky - $7.99 value. Hurry, ends Friday, March 25, 2011)
Lucky is also available at Amazon for Barnes and Noble's Kindle or at Borders for the Nook. Of course it's downloadable from Lucky's website at where there are games and flashcards with all of Lucky's friends. Questions? email:

February 17, 2011

piano problem/left hand

KHUU wrote:

i have a problem when playing with my left hand. I have been playing for 5-6 months now but i cant seem to relax my hand. It keeps stiffening up when i play. My knuckles keep bending down making my fingers higher than my palms. Also when i stretch my fingers to reach farther away keys my left hand can't curve and ends up looking crooked. Is there a way to fix this problem?

January 23, 2011

Most Extensive Selection of Left-Handed Products

Elizabeth wrote:

Visit for the most extensive selection of left-handed products. Lefty's has two brick and mortar stores, one in Pier 39 in San Francisco, and the other in The Marketplace at Downtown Disney, in Orlando. We have many conversations with our customers at the stores, through our thousands of subscribers on the website, and though our facebook page. Many of our products are custom designed, and customer inspired. We're thrilled to find this blog, and look forward to following it. has everything for left-handers.

January 7, 2011

Missing people

Celldumb wrote:

More than a few people are missing from the left handed list.

All of us lefties that were abused, during our formative years, into becoming right handed, are missing from lists. Throughout history, in their fear, millions of parents concealed the fact that they had produced a left handed, spawn of the devil, child. Everyone that was born left handed, ran the risk of becoming a CHANGED person.

A left handed person may easily run second or third, in the human race. Queered, by domineering authority figures into using only our weak sides, righted lefties run spazdick; second or third. . . to the last, predators nipping at our heels.

Life can be difficult for lefties, and absolutely hideous, after some God figure screws us into being right. We are forced to live a lie, in denial. We can only try to act normal; we fit in, don’t act out, and keep our mouth shut.