November 15, 2010

Left hand in court

South_Icewolf wrote:

One time I went to court, this was 3 or 4 years ago but I still recall it, when magistrate ask me to raise my hand I put my left hand up insteed right hand with out thinking about it and I could see that the magistrate was not happy about it at all, so I am not sure if other left handers face the same things as I do or not


  1. I have had that problem before..I did not really learn my right from left until I went to Army basic training! I had to put a mark on the toe of my left boot so I would know which foot to start marching with!

  2. Same here. I still have trouble telling my left from right. It became really troublesome when I was learning how to drive. My mother would tell me to take a right turn but I would take a left assuming that was right.
    Although that resulted in a lot a scolding [haha!] I've gotten better at it now. So no worries!

  3. i was left handed but when i was 8 years old my mother forced me to use my right hand in writing & eating , now i'm 25 years old & i'm right handed , i'am so saaaaaad .

  4. After I gave birth local anesthesia wasn't enough so the doctor had to ask an anesthisiologist to come for a total anestesia. It was uncomfortable for me that the anesthisiologist was standing on my right side. She asked me a few questions and then asked me to sign the paper. I took the pen with the left hand and she withdrew the paper saying "not with that hand". I think I sounded pretty irritated when I answered "I'm left-handed!"I had just given birth, I was tired but not THAT confused to get wrong such a thing.


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