October 4, 2010

UK written but a worldwide WANTED: Information, company names, links, references etc for the discerning 'Lefty'!

Lunkdredd wrote:

Like me, my youngest son (5) is also a left handed mirror writer. He loves music and drawing... well colouring in mostly and is now settling in to year one at 'big school' here in the UK.

I visited his head teacher whilst his was in preschool to enquire which tools are available for; or what information schools are given about left handed children.
I was shocked to hear that even in these modern times, no information is given as a rule to teachers and there is nothing available in the way of scissors, rulers, pens or pencils for left handed children to use! In fact one girl in an older year I was told is 'given a pencil so she doesn't smudge' when the other right handed children in her class are using fountain pens?!?

I have since discovered that in the UK there is information and training available to teachers for children with colour blindness, ADHD, dyslexia and behavioural problems in most schools; some even get funding from local councils for extra staff, but there is STILL nothing is in place for a child who is left handed. Simple and cost free information such as sitting a left handed child on the left side of a 2 person desk so that their elbows don't clash with a right handed child, or turning the paper so a left handed child can see what they are writing! NOTHING!!!

Since being made redundant and becoming more of a house husband of late (and which is more tiring than manual labour fella's believe me!), any spare time I get is in research. It had become my goal to ensure simple solutions for left handed children are made available to all teachers, all schools and the parents of left handed children so that these they no longer feel singled out or different and that it is understood even by local councils these as with right handed children, left handed children need the right tool for the job. Even something as simple as a £1 left handed pair of scissors can boost a child's confidence no end! I know, I have seen it.
Until I find work, I have volunteered at my son's school to help the left handed kids with reading, writing, cutting skills etc and at the same time, I will be conducting a little experiment to see if their work and indeed their confidence improves.

I have already been connecting with other left handers on-line and companies that produce left handed products to ask for any advice etc moving forwards and I am humbled by the positive responses, good wishes, information and offers of support I have already received.

In fact, the owner of a site where you can buy Anything Left Handed has sent me a veritable sack of goodies for me to use with the kids in their development such as scissors, writing aids, work pads and books which I am eternally grateful for. Thank you Keith!

If anyone on these pages has ANYTHING they would like to share by way of information, links, references or new products, especially schools; then I would love to hear from you! Kindest Regards, Lunkdredd :o)

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