October 22, 2010

Piano problems

Mujerorquesta wrote:

I've just taken up piano and am encountering some interesting problems. I'm curious to know are they due to me being a leftie or are they just typical beginner problems...? (keeping in mind I've no problem with the treble clef as I've played clarinet for 10 years...)

My hands seems to respond to the wrong clefs sometimes, for example if I see e,d, on the treble and c on the bass I manage to do it with c on the treble and e, d on the bass.

I also find the numbers a little confusing and would feel much more comfortable if the little finger on my left hand was a one instead of a five since that's what the thumb is on the other hand, sometimes my little finger ends up doing what my thumb should be and vice versa....

So are these specific to lefties, beginners or am I just odd? ;-)


  1. I had a horrible time learning how to play the piano with both hands...I ended up dropping it and stuck with sports!

    I wouldn't say it's a leftie problem...maybe just a beginner's issue- learning to play with both hands isn't the easiest task!

  2. I've played piano for 9 years now. It sucks figuring it all out a first, and takes some practice, but eventually your hands work together. My left-handedness has never effected my piano playing, but I don't really know any other left-handed piano players. Hope all goes well.

  3. It's just the beginner problems... I tried not to pay any attention to the numbers when I was learning, just the sheet music, and figured out how to position my hands myself, as that was much easier for me.
    I'm left handed too and I didn't really have any problems... It might actually be because you were so used to playing clarinet and the use of hands are completely different on different instruments.

  4. I think it's normal beginner problems. I' m left handed and I' ve been playing piano for 8 years. I 've achieved diploma standard and have constantly placed first in practical exams. Being left-handed or right-handed shouldn't pose a problem. Keep on trying. Music is one of the most beautiful things in life. :)

  5. Actually, you're ignorant...and not odd, nor does it apply only to lefties. You're simply accustomed to playing the clarinet, which uses the treble clef. So NATURALLY you would try and read the bass clef as treble clef, ya Einstein.

    And @ S, I'm a left-handed pianist who has played for 9-10 years now.

  6. No need to be rude Vikz, I was just asking. Firstly how would you know it doesn't only apply to lefties if you're not right handed?
    Secondly if you'd read my question properly you'd see I confuse both clefs, that applies to confusing the treble with the bass as well. So you might actually want to think before you post comments like that.

  7. Hiya, I too am finding that being left handed, I naturally read the treble clef for my left hand and bass for right. I'm persevering, but every now my instincts take over and my hands get mixed up. Did you ever find a solution or some useful advice?

    An interesting piece of information linked to this it that professional left-hand pianist, Christopher Seed, found this instinct was so strong that he had a left-handed piano built...

    However I'm sure i can get past this and would really appreciate some constructive tips from anyone who understands.


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