October 10, 2010

Left handed education

JChaplin wrote:

There is no education program for instruction of Lefties. Having had to suffer through the American Public Schools as a South Paw. My Kindergarten teacher tried to make me Right Handed at the age of 6... Didn't work well


  1. Not only are we lacking the program but I just found out that Mars District in Butler County PA refuses to accomodate their left handed students. They feel that it is a right handed world and kids need to learn to live in it. The parents have to provide medical documentation like being left handed is a medical problem and parents have to sign waivers. I really thought this ended years ago. Sad! People need to know that this is still a huge problem and we have to help other parents. Feel free to share this and do whatever you can because the teachers are still treating us south paws as if there is something wrong with us.

  2. My theory for why teachers do this is because, in my experience, most of them are VERY impatient, so they don't feel they should have to spend their precious time catering to the left handed individual. Which is very contradictory to the fact that they will waste everyone's time scolding them for it.
    All parents should pay close attention to their child's dominant hand. If you can figure that out before they start going to school and learning to write, you can inform the teacher of this and make sure they don't try to go behind your back and attempt to force the poor child into writing with the right hand.
    Honestly, the ignorance of some people.. It's a simple matter of which side of the brain is dominant. It's not a deficiency (though these types of people certainly try to make it that way) or a disease. I distinctly remember learning to write, and all I had was a pencil, paper, and the letters in front of me to copy, and it worked itself out nicely. :]

  3. Pamela,
    Strange but true story for me:

    I begn my school years at Mars School District in 1967. I am left handed along with my father. My mother was very adament about not breaking me from being left handed. She spoke with the teachers, and they accomodated the writing lessons by including us lefties in with the rest of the class. If I remember correctly, thre was 2 or 3 other lefties in the class, and we all learned the correct way to turn the paper and the (semi) correct way to hold our pencils.

    I still hold my pen in a big hook writing over hand, but I was never broken from being a lefty.

    I realize it was a LONG time ago when I was taught, but each teacher should work with the student and parent.

    Best of luck to you.

  4. This is story about beeing left-handed in Bulgaria http://yovia.com/blogs/leftybg/2011/01/06/left-handed-people-blesing-or-a-curse/

  5. I'm left handed, but was forced to use my right hand in kindergarten. This was in '94, and I was held back a year because my teacher threw away every coloring assignment I used my left hand for. I vaguely recall being hit with a ruler a few times, too. I can't write with my left hand now, and my right-handed penmanship is clumsy and awkward. My parents had no idea at the time, but they should have expected as much from a private Catholic school. Wish there was some sort of legal discourse for situations like these; considering the negative long term implications.


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