March 9, 2010

Simply Lefty

SimplyLefty wrote:

Simply Lefty's Logo

Hi fellow lefties!

Just wanted to let you know about Simply Lefty, a left-handed products shop. Our web address is

We strive to provide quality products specially designed for left-handers and to promote awareness and acceptance for left-handed children and adults. Regretfully, many of the problems left-handers face today are due to products not being designed with left-handers in mind and we hope to be able to change that.

Rosemary: I have added a link to this website at as it will be useful reading for my visitors. I hope that you will add a link to Simply Lefty too on your list. Your visitors will benefit from our left-handed products which help to make everyday lives safer, easier and more convenient.

Hopefully, the world will be more convenient for left-handers in the future!