January 16, 2010

What is wrong with CSUN?

Today I was on the Cal State Northridge campus to take a test. One of the administrators proudly pointed out that the classroom was filled with lovely, newly-purchased desks. Every single one of them was a RIGHT-HANDED desk!

There is absolutely no excuse for this. Two-sided desks have been available for decades. Other schools purchase them. Why in the 21st century would a public institution be permitted to continue discriminating against 15% of the population? This is simply unbelievable.


  1. Did you mean the 21st century?

  2. Lawrence, you're right, I meant the 21st century (and have now updated my post to reflect that). But the concept of right-handed desks was already outdated in the 20th century, so I'm correct either way. :-)

  3. I understand you perfectly, I had to do all of my official english exams writing on right-handed desks and the examinor was always looking at me because she thought I was copying from somebody else just because I was twisting around so I could write! The worst thing is that the school I was at was a private school who boasts about having the newest tools and technology for the students. It's just EMBARRASING!


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