January 23, 2010

The National Association of Left Handed People

NALHP wrote:

The NALHP helps spread awareness and fairness to all people left handed. Check the website out and follow us on twitter. We are just getting started and will grow in the next few months.

Thank you!


  1. do the lefthanded people have association?if they do who can lefthanded parson join?

  2. Its nice to see some recognition of the obstacles lefties have coped with. From scissors, hand writing, school desks, to where to sit at the dinner table; left handed has a special set of circumstances. Forced to cope, seldom accomodated and all to often ignored. Glad to see your site

  3. Hello all,
    I've always used my left hand for writing or throwing a ball, but when i was in the first grade my teacher punished me for using my left hand. She'd said "stop using you left hand or i will take away your crayons." So, i began using my right hand. To this day, Im able to write with both...am i now ambidextrous or have i just mentally trained myself to write with my right hand? I feel comfortable writing with my left hand more so than my right...

  4. Hello all,
    where can i find scholarships, grants, or internships for lefthanded people? I would love to join a group or organization!

    Ohh! Where can i purchase material, such as notebooks for school, binders, etc.


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