November 7, 2009

Both Hands

Jill wrote:

Reading about lefties, I saw that most of them are uncomfortable doing things that deal with their right hand. Even though i am left-handed, I find that dealing with tasks such as using a computer mouse, or throwing a ball feel more comfortable with my right hand. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this with themselves?

My mother has put me in piano lessons since I was in kindergarten. Maybe this has something to do with it since you use your right hand to play most of the keys.


  1. Like you, I took piano lessons as a child. It's a good way for both lefties and righties to develop skills in the non-dominant hand. Like a lot of lefties, I do some things with the right hand, probably just because it's an easier way to adapt to a right-handed society. I can use a computer mouse in my right hand, but I prefer it in my left.

  2. hi Jill and admin,

    i find this quite interesting too. when i was around 15 or so, i arm-wrestled with my right hand, as my left hand would flop over in seconds. then i fired my rifle with my right hand when i was in the army-- after experimenting with both sides at a computer-simulated range.

  3. I've always felt comfortable using the mouse with my right hand, but for some reason I could never type like normal, I've always been a hunt-and-peck (and a fast one at that). I fire guns with my right hand, and write with my right (because the teachers didn't know how to teach me lefty). Everything else for me is lefty all the way.

  4. Can you throw left handed as well? If you prefer different hands for certain tasks, it sounds like cross-dominance. I know of another discussion on this site that sounds somewhat similar (


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