November 25, 2009

Lefty Guitar

I'm a 13 year old lefty. Recently, i developed an interest for acoustic guitar. Problem was, i was left handed. I've been told both ways, that restringing a guitar worked & didnt work. Living in an Islamic country (Malaysia, to be exact), it's hard to find a real left acoustic. There were models for lefty electric, but so far i havent found anything on lefty acoustic. I dont think my mum would let me go on Ebay, and just so you know, I picked up the guitar naturally left handed. Dont even consider me switching, firstly i love being left handed and want to show people i can play left handed, and secondly doing the right way just feels completely unnatural to me and i tried it quite a few times. Lefty way suits me best. Problem is, i dont know how to acquire a good lefty acoustic, and i need to find a good teacher who doesnt mind i'm left handed.

November 12, 2009

Midnight Madness

CheapInventor wrote:

Good evening Left-handed people of cyber space.

I promise, I'm not trying to plug anything. Just a random post, on an random day. With random numbers in play.

I've never before spoken about left handedness in a long drawn out post before, and I was searching for this particular book for a left-handed friend of mine. A Left-Handed History of the World(which I would love to see added to the list of left books.), It has made being left-handed more clear to me, and I feel even better knowing a very good history of left-handed people and all we can accomplish in this right-handed world.

Long story short, I stumbled upon this website, and went through some of the recent posts.

I'm delighted and amazed by some of the stories and I'd like to share mine.

I write backwards, I never thought this was odd, but it is the absolute most comfortable I have ever written, I like to read backwards as well as upside down. It some how feels more natural. For the first few years of school I was told I was dyslexic. I couldn't read very well because the letters looked funny to me. I was an very slow learner because I am a lefty.

Adaptation. That's the word I think of when I think of Left handed people. We adapt and can adapt to situations better than right-handed people, because we have to deal with so much of day to day life that was not made for us. I believe we are more clear headed, and calm when emergency arises. I think we're more sensitive, and extremely observant because we've had to subconsciously live, work, play and survive, around those righties.

I also would like to point out there's a few good people missing from the left handed list here. Mark Twain, Gandhi, as well it is thought that Beethoven was also left handed, though that has never been proven, though I would be shocked if he was right handed.

Being a left handed person does not mean life has to be difficult. Though a lot of times it can be. With the left-handed crook while writing. I never did get that, because my grandmother is left handed and it hurt my wrist to write like that. I'm proud to say that I love the ink smudges on my little finger when it runs over wet ink. Because it means I've been writing again.

I have no problem using my right hand, I do so for cutting with scissors, playing sports, using the mouse; and when I feel like a challenge, I write.

Everything else is left handed for me.

I do find that driving on the left side of a car might pose a problem for me. I feel more safe and secure on the right side of a car and would probably do well in England. heh.

So, in conclusion to these thoughts of mine;

Being left handed is a gift. We're a small -- although growing; percentage of the world. We're artistic, and witty. We are unique and smart. I love the challenges of being a southpaw. Those right-handers don't know what they're missing.

November 7, 2009

Both Hands

Jill wrote:

Reading about lefties, I saw that most of them are uncomfortable doing things that deal with their right hand. Even though i am left-handed, I find that dealing with tasks such as using a computer mouse, or throwing a ball feel more comfortable with my right hand. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this with themselves?

My mother has put me in piano lessons since I was in kindergarten. Maybe this has something to do with it since you use your right hand to play most of the keys.