August 29, 2009

More Left-Handed Guitar Players

I recently received an email pointing to an Australian guitar manufacturer tha tproduces left-handed guitars:


  1. My wife is left-handed and a guitar player. Like me, her right hand is stronger.

    [Possibly because we are forced to use the right hand by the design of tools?]

    She learned to play the guitar with the left hand, but now regrets it. She believes that she would be a better player if she had learned to play as a right-hander because her right is her stronger hand.

    I personally have no opinion on this because I use the left or right on the basis of what seems natural and have no experience of trying and succeeding deliberately to use the other hand (the one that did not feel natural).

  2. I've been playing guitar for several years now, and I find that my right hand is more dextrous, but my left hand (specifically the wrist) is far more precise. The way I see it, each hand controls a specific aspect of the music when playing stringed instruments. What I mean is I see my left hand as being the "rhythm hand" and my right hand as being the "melody hand". Both are seperate aspects of the music, and the respective hands must develop different strengths in order to work in tandem and produce the reults desired.


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