July 25, 2009

Buying a guitar for a 5 year old lefty

Jcooljaggie wrote:

My niece is turning 5 years old in a few days.  I was so excited to buy her her first real guitar.  However, I purchased the cute acousitc guitar and totally spaced on the fact that she is a lefty.  Can she learn to play this one or should I wait and buy her a left handed guitar?


  1. If it's a classical guitar it should be easy to re-string it and change the nut. I found this site with some info.
    Also here's a controller for you if you have PS:

  2. A lot of left handed people play the guitar in the usual "right handed" way with no problem. Others may need to make adjustments.

  3. I think a lefty's first instinct is to start strumming a guitar left handed. But you really need more dexterity in you left hand so it is better to strum right handed. Does that make sense? A lefthanded friend who plays guitar righty told me this.

    Almost all guitar players play righty. A new guitar player would be learning from, practicing and jamming with people playing right handed. It might be easier to play righty than to constantly have to reverse.

    I am a lefty who does almost everything lefty. But I use sign language right handed. It is difficult at times. But it is still easier than having to reverse everything. And everyone I converse and practice with signs righty. I must admit signing left handed looks strange. Signing is the only thing I do righty. I think signing is comparable to playing guitar.

    If you think your niece would be better off playing guitar lefty please click on


  4. you should get her a left handed guitar. I was told to learn on a right handed guitar and man was that a mistake. I've always had interest in learning guitar but after about 4 attempts to learn on a right-handed guitar i almost gave up. about 2 months ago i finally bought a lefthanded guitar. Sure its a pain having to mentally reverse all chord diagrams etc. and relearning something i already learned, it is a complete joy to be able to have rhythm, and finally the right hand is becoming more coordinated to press the strings.

  5. Maybe you could ask her to pretend to hold a guitar and see which way she 'holds' it. I recenlty got a guitar and i cant imagine holding it the right handed way.

  6. I am left handed and I play the guitar left handed so just restring it it is very easy
    Good Luck

  7. no just persist i know a lefty and she plays the guitar right handed
    her name is Jasmine Muftei-Muirson
    good luck
    Russell McGlone

  8. no
    just give it 2 her and see witch way she holds it
    then you will know

  9. no i play the guitar right handed

  10. no i naturally play the guitar right handed so i dont know you can try

  11. Hi im jason and im right handed
    so i guess you could give it too her and see which way she holds it.
    then you will know if she holds it right handed then keep it
    if she holds it left handed keep it but just restring it

  12. i play right handed

  13. just get her a left handed guitar

  14. yer im left handed and i decided to teach myself guitar and a friend told me that right handed guitars are cheaper so i taught myself the right-handed way but its a lot easier if you havent played at all before to pick it up :D if they've never picked up a guitar before i suggest getting a right handed guitar cause its easyier :D

    Jasmine M.M


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