June 19, 2009

Hola Zurdos y Curiosos

Super Blah wrote:

First of all, thank you Rosemary for such an interesting page. Can be a little exciting reading and sharing with people that might gone through the same as you. I'm a proud left-handed person, my mother and sister are also lefties. I'm not sure if it happened on your side of the world, but there was a time where was thought that "left-handed people went to hell". Because of this, on the private schools nuns would punish those that use the left hand, by hitting with a ruler, or attaching the hand to the back of the desk. In the actuality, that thought has vanished, but still left-handed are being punish for what they are. By forcing them to be right-handed just because it is the "right way", having everything for right-handed comfort, even some school's desks can be uncomfortable.

I write with my paper almost completely horizontal, the paper facing the left side for print, and to the right side for cursive. I know it's weird. On school, the teacher always assigned me the last desk on the right row, so other students wouldn't felt tempted to look at my exam. I practically do everything with the left, and I call my right hand "the useless", haha. One of the few things that I can do with the right is play guitar, since my parents gave me one when I was 8, and learned to play it by myself, and peeking other guitar players (which all of them where right-handed). I've played basketball almost 9 years of my life, and to dominate the right hand dribbling and terrible shot, I tried to do almost every basic thing (brushing, eating) with the right hand to get some control 3 times a week. It worked a bit, but the left-hand is far better. Like I've read on some posts, sometimes I see things or just assume it the opposite way , write backwards. Not sure if this happens to you, but the hand accessories, such as rings, bracelets, etc., goes to the left hand. I use my notebooks from back to front, so the part I haven't write on don't bother the hand. It's not hard to be left-handed on a right-handed world; it's not about adapting, it's about seeing everything as you do, the opposite. = )

Curious fact: I've notice a considerably growth of left-handed people. On my engineering class, there are sometimes that 3-5 left-handed students sit in the same row, and they don't even notice!


  1. Thanks for your post.

    I think one reason we seem to be seeing more lefties these days is because they are not being forcibly switched the way they were in the past. Yes, there are still some ignorant people who do this. But in most of the developed world it is now understood that left-handedness should not be tampered with. There were probably just as many lefties in the past, but they were invisible because they were made to use the right hand.

  2. when u say useless does that mean you think all right hands are useless?

  3. Leftygamer: The tone of the comments you have been posting on this blog suggests you are trying to cause arguments. That's not what we do here.

  4. Haha, that's my fond way to call it, just like saying "this frizzy hair", or people refer to a hand like hammer. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I think that whichever hand is used doesn't define a person, is the capacities a self possesses and how those are used.


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