June 19, 2009

Hola Zurdos y Curiosos

Super Blah wrote:

First of all, thank you Rosemary for such an interesting page. Can be a little exciting reading and sharing with people that might gone through the same as you. I'm a proud left-handed person, my mother and sister are also lefties. I'm not sure if it happened on your side of the world, but there was a time where was thought that "left-handed people went to hell". Because of this, on the private schools nuns would punish those that use the left hand, by hitting with a ruler, or attaching the hand to the back of the desk. In the actuality, that thought has vanished, but still left-handed are being punish for what they are. By forcing them to be right-handed just because it is the "right way", having everything for right-handed comfort, even some school's desks can be uncomfortable.

I write with my paper almost completely horizontal, the paper facing the left side for print, and to the right side for cursive. I know it's weird. On school, the teacher always assigned me the last desk on the right row, so other students wouldn't felt tempted to look at my exam. I practically do everything with the left, and I call my right hand "the useless", haha. One of the few things that I can do with the right is play guitar, since my parents gave me one when I was 8, and learned to play it by myself, and peeking other guitar players (which all of them where right-handed). I've played basketball almost 9 years of my life, and to dominate the right hand dribbling and terrible shot, I tried to do almost every basic thing (brushing, eating) with the right hand to get some control 3 times a week. It worked a bit, but the left-hand is far better. Like I've read on some posts, sometimes I see things or just assume it the opposite way , write backwards. Not sure if this happens to you, but the hand accessories, such as rings, bracelets, etc., goes to the left hand. I use my notebooks from back to front, so the part I haven't write on don't bother the hand. It's not hard to be left-handed on a right-handed world; it's not about adapting, it's about seeing everything as you do, the opposite. = )

Curious fact: I've notice a considerably growth of left-handed people. On my engineering class, there are sometimes that 3-5 left-handed students sit in the same row, and they don't even notice!