May 2, 2009

Love being a Lefty...

Danny wrote:

My name is Danny and I'm honored and proud to be in the 10% of the population of lefties....The technical term for being lefthanded is sinistrel if any didn't know that lol.... I am interested in finding other lefties to talk to and I was wondering if I could get some help? THANKS!


  1. Hey man I am 17 years old and I use my left hand for everything... any test I take for how dominant my right brain is compared to my left says that I am greatly or severly right brain dominant... so any questions about doing anything I will try to help you out if you want Basic answers would useually be try and figure out how to use it with your left hand or get a left handed item. Try to avoid using things backwards iif you can because most stuff is not ontended to be used backwards :P

  2. Yo! I'm Dani also, and left-handed, but uhhh... some things that are hard for left-handers is like scissors or drawing. Since I love to draw I always get things blurred or smudgy. But a solution ( if you like drawing to) is to actually raise your hand and make your hand not touch the paper, you might want to draw slowly though. And scissors and other materials what not, they make left-handed tools now.

  3. Hi, Im Abi and Im left-handed... For stinger1712 I know a lot of left-handed people, basically in my class we're like 8 lefties... And I really dont think its bad to be left-handed, Im proud to be like this and Im the ONLY left-handed in all my family

  4. I'm lefty to! But a forced righty. I'm getting back with my left hand but it's difficult. But you're right, we should be proud to be the special people in the world. We were chosen for greatness. Lefties in the past have been great. Lefties are bound to be great in the world.

  5. I use my left and right hand for different things (left: writing cutting, right: scissors, kicking.) I'm trying to become more of a lefty now. I love being lefty its awesome!!!


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