May 7, 2009


P13.14.16 wrote:

Hi! I'm going to start playing the flute. Will I need a special one since I'm left handed?!


  1. I don't think you need a left-handed flute, just as you don't need a left handed piano. I played both flute and piano when I was in school, and I had no problem. With both instruments you are using both hands all the time. The flute is a good instrument for both left and right handed people. Have fun!

  2. my flute teacher is left handed, and he's REALLY good. he told me that you just have to get used to stretching out your left arm to your right, instead of your left.

  3. Hi i'm left handed, and i play the flute. You definitely don't need a special flute if you're left-handed, because you pretty much use both hands the same amount.


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