May 27, 2009


Mommylove wrote:

My son was left handed and has suddenly switched (on his own) to right handed. He is almost 5. I want to stress that there has been NO intrusion by his pre-school educators or myself (I am an elementary educator by happenstance and would never allow this!). Now he is struggling horribly with handwriting and drawing, etc. It is as if he is a two or three year old in development. Fortunately, we can hold him another year before kindergarten. I have made painstaking effort to give him only support and positive reinforcement as he transitions and develops, and made sure that his teachers do the same. His peers are young enough that I don't think they are aware of such things... yet. I am hoping that, perhaps, there might be some people who have some advice for me to help him through this. Writing & drawing seems so hard for him right now (and I know I probably shouldn't worry too much - as he is so young - but I just want to help my son - to make this transition as easy as possible for him!). Does anyone know where I might find research suggesting why switching dominate hands might occur?

May 20, 2009

Same Problem as Hawkins guy

Jeimy wrote:

I'm 13, and I should be lefthanded. My grandmother (supposedly) bound my left wrist to my stroller when I was a baby so that I was forced to be a righty. I've been trying to improve my left hand's abilities and practiced writing left hand, and failed. I have bad hand righthand writing, and I tried improving it, and failing also. When I write cursive... well, let's just say that even my teachers told me to write print on class essays. I don't know if writing with my left hand will improve my handwriting, but I am willing to try anything right now. Always getting little notes saying "Improve your handwriting! Write LEGIBLY" on my homework and essays just stresses me out. HELP PLEASE T-T

May 7, 2009


P13.14.16 wrote:

Hi! I'm going to start playing the flute. Will I need a special one since I'm left handed?!

May 2, 2009

Love being a Lefty...

Danny wrote:

My name is Danny and I'm honored and proud to be in the 10% of the population of lefties....The technical term for being lefthanded is sinistrel if any didn't know that lol.... I am interested in finding other lefties to talk to and I was wondering if I could get some help? THANKS!