April 8, 2008


A Reader wrote:

Hello Rosemary and all my fellow left-handers. I wanted to introduce you to an exciting website project that I have been working on for several months.

Being Left Handed

This site is a fun and informative website just for lefties. It contains useful information, instructions, and historical information about Being Left Handed. In addition to all this, I have included YouTube videos and live Ebay auction items, all for left-handed people. Last month my BeingLeftHanded store opened to supply all your left-handed needs. Future plans include the development of a Left-Handed Scholarship and many other left-handed ideas! This website is my passion and I work on it on a daily basis.

Thanks Rosemary for letting me introduce my website and I hope you will all come visit,

April 2, 2008

life time lefty

A Reader wrote:

At 56 I have had a lifetime of doing things backwards and have overcome them all. Now however a new problem has me perplexed. I and another man, about 30, are learning to drive 18 wheeled tractor trailers. We are both having trouble backing up and starting off in a straight line to back up. We are both above average in all other training, we are both left handed. Our right handed classmates are days ahead of us on backing. Our instructor is right handed and can not understand our problem. Has anyone run into this same problem or have advice on where to go for help? I believe my problem has to do with perception of angles and depth in a left handed person.