February 24, 2008

Switching Through Necessity

shoulderBecause of a problem with really painful tendonitis in my left shoulder, I have switched from using the mouse in my left hand to using it in my right hand. At first, this felt quite awkward, and there were times when I felt as though I just couldn't do what I wanted to do. Even so, the process turned out to be easier than I expected. After a few weeks I am using the mouse full time in my right hand, with only slightly less precision than I had when I used it in the left. I expect that it won't be long before I am just as good with the right as with the left.

This doesn't mean that I think switching handedness is easy! Not at all. But many right-handed people use the mouse with their left hand so that they can do other, more skilled tasks (such as writing) with the right. And many lefties use the mouse in the right hand for the same reason. Using a computer mouse doesn't really require the same level of skill, strength, or dominance that is called for in certain other jobs, especially handwriting.


  1. I've always used the mouse with my right hand. I just learned to use a mouse when I was really young; I don't think my parents really paid attention to my handedness so it was on the right hand side because everyone in my family was right-handed. I can't even use it with the other hand. It's useful anyway...

  2. I have my mouse at home on the left but set up for right click. when i use a mouse with my right it is usually set up for the left click so i dont have a problem either way. whats funny is to watch a person who is right handed try to use my lefthanded mouse. the only problem ive ever had is my sister-in-law has her right handed mouse on the left side of the computer and that mixes me up carzy bad.

  3. hell yeah..i am in the same circumstance as Spaventoso..i am the ONLY one in my family (paternal and maternal sides of the family) who is left handed..so i am a pretty right-oriented lefty.. =) but writing is STRICTLY in my left hand..right is weird..

  4. im like you guys, im the only one left handed in my family since one of my paternal relatives that died in 1896, haha. as i was born in 1993, I was taught to use the mouse in my right hand when i was 3.the funny thing is that many people get like confused by the way i write, becuase i use my left hand, but i bend to the right side of the table, looking like im sleeping while writing, hehe.


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