December 26, 2007

Planner for Lefties

A Reader wrote:

As a lefty, one of the most frustrating things for me is the lack of tools designed for left-handed people. Specifically, anything having to do with writing (I'm an over-the-top writer) becomes a challenge.

As such, I designed a planner especially for lefties. It uses discs instead of rings so the pages lay completely flat, and the discs are out of the way. Also, it uses mind mapping instead of lists, which I've found works with how I think better.

You can find it at I think your readers will appreciate this product.


  1. Thank You...if i've learned anything from being a that we can adapt.....and i thank you for the still going to smear the ink though...=)

  2. Apologies Rosemary! I thought I was leaving a comment but think I emailed you instead!

    Your readers will be pleased to know about an online specialist lefty shop - LeftHand N.Z.

    Started by a left-hander for fellow left-handers!!

    We have lots of information on our website for parents and teachers of young left-handed children and a unique teaching resource for parents and teachers of lefty children aged from approx. 4 to 8 years old - a resource to teach them how to write well in a good left-handed style of writing. Please visit our website:

    and go to "Handwriting Workbook" for the full information about this new resource.

    We have been operating as a mail order company for 2 years now and have a long list of happy customers!!! We can accept orders from countries other than New Zealand. Please visit us - especially if you have a young left-handed child and YOU are righthanded!!! We can help!!!

  3. I feel your pains. People always think I am struggling to do things because I am small, and left handed, so whatever I am doing just doesn't look "Normal" for some reason. But I also think about how lefthanders like us naturally see the world backwards, and are forced to learn to see it the way everyone else sees it. So therefore, its as though we are forced to know and understand the world more in depth. Backwards, and forward. I find much pride in having such an advantage.

  4. Hi there Left Handed People,
    My name is Charlie O'Neill. I am a professional musician. I consider myself right handed because many of the things I do I seem to naturally favor my right hand (writing, throwing etc. ) But playing many musical instruments require the use of both hands. therefore I consider myself luck to have two hands, since both are so important to my skill. As a guitar teacher I deal with the many frustrated left heanded students who find poor instruments choices and music notation and other media that is written with right handed guitar players in mind. I feel for them and have tweeked my teaching approach to help them adapt to this usually exclusively right handed endeavor. I also remind them that Hendrix and Paul McCartney etc. who overcame this hurdle. I ran with this idea a bit and have come up with a song that sarcastically treats left handed people as the oppressed minority dominated by 'righties'. I had a lot of fun writing this song, I thought some of you folks as members of this forum would get a kick out of listening to it. Please visit Click on 'Home Grown Music' and select "Left Handed Man' The music will download in a moment. You can also read details of how the song was written, chords/lyric. Hope you enjoy listening to it.
    Charlie O'Neill


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