December 1, 2007

Credit, Copyright, Etc.

readingWhen quoting material from books, websites, or other sources, please remember to include the author and the name of the work. This is important because people are entitled to credit for their work and also because members who are doing research need to know where this information comes from.

Also, please remember to keep direct quotations brief. It is fair to quote short passages (a sentence or two) from someone else's work if you are reviewing the work or if you are using it to validate a point of discussion. (You still need to include the reference.) But longer passages should not be copied. You can include a link to a website so that other people can read it for themselves, or include the name and author of a book that others might want to read, along with a short summary, in your own words, of what it's about.

Please remember this portion of our posting policy: "You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or have the owner’s explicit permission." Note that you may quote very short passages as described above, but posts containing longer passages are subject to removal without notice.

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