December 26, 2007

Planner for Lefties

A Reader wrote:

As a lefty, one of the most frustrating things for me is the lack of tools designed for left-handed people. Specifically, anything having to do with writing (I'm an over-the-top writer) becomes a challenge.

As such, I designed a planner especially for lefties. It uses discs instead of rings so the pages lay completely flat, and the discs are out of the way. Also, it uses mind mapping instead of lists, which I've found works with how I think better.

You can find it at I think your readers will appreciate this product.

December 20, 2007

Left-Handed Discrimination?!

A Reader wrote:

I'm currently signed up with Express Personnel, a temp.-hire. Their office in Gresham,OR (suburb outside Portland, where I live) called me yesterday offering a long-term assignment at a fabrication facility. Nothing I hadn't done before.
The dispatcher ran down some of the qualifications for the job, including the use of machines, including drills & table saws. But the "deal-breaker" was that I was LEFT-HANDED! Apparently, & this is according to her, the machines, for some very odd reason, are so precise that they can only be used by people who are RIGHT-HANDED. These machines cannot be adjusted to accommodate someone who's left-handed - apparently this is how the damned things were designed.

Now, warehousing/industrial/manufacturing/assembly/production is my work history, so I've been around, & handled A LOT of different types of machinery. But never have I heard of any equipment that was so user sensitive that they could ONLY be used by RIGHT-HANDED workers, & that such equipment couldn't even be re-adjusted for a worker who just might happen to be LEFT-HANDED!

Bottom line is, I was DENIED job placement for no other conceivable reason in the world, other than the fact that I'm left-handed. I really don't know how else to put it.

Thing is, I've been in a real rough spot as of late. I've been out of work for 3 WEEKS now & have had a Hell of a time trying to get any work. And I was just told that I wouldn't receeve a long-term job assignment all because i am left-handed?! Wtf? I've never even heard of such a thing!

I have a question that might possibly (I'm hoping) be answered by someone who reads this: Is there a LEGAL president for such a thing? Is it actually legal to discriminate against someone because they're LEFT-HANDED?

December 18, 2007

Left-Handed Guitar

Playing the guitar is one of the most popular topics here. Ben Willis has an interesting blog that explains how lefties can play a right-handed guitar without modifying the instrument. See

December 5, 2007


A Reader wrote:

Hi everyone. I'm a foreign student who is currently studying in America. When I first came to the USA it was ok, I made some friends and people were very impressed by my speaking skills, 'cause they said I did not have any accent, stuff like that and I made some great accomplishments by getting into my school's student leadership program, and some teachers were very impressed by thoughtful answers.

Anyway, as time passed I have been not feeling well, I felt very out of place, and the friends I made felt very superficial, and I felt I could not trust them. Then when I got more separated from them I felt it is very difficult for me get close to people again, I did not shy away from some random conversations. Then I felt like I wanted to be acknowledged but when I got the acknowledgment I did not want that and I just backed away.

As time progressed I found myself with no true friend here, but that is not the issue, and then I started losing interest in what I was doing, like my studies went down. I felt very terrified to approach teachers and ask them questions to help me out with problems so on. And then I stopped doing my lessons at all. I felt nothing, I felt so empty. I felt nothing will fill the void inside of me. Then one day I did not go to school at all I just stayed in bed the whole day, it felt so comfortable yet also at same time not very assuring, and I felt more comfortable staying home so basically I started not going out at all for few days. And deep inside something was eating me, I did not even want to share this info with my family or my close friends, I felt they would not understand.

And there were days I thought things that were not pleasant, I felt jealousy towards and hatred towards someone I love, and sometimes I thought of living all alone not worrying about anything, and there was one time when I thought about ending my life.

That's when I went to a therapist, and I was diagnosed with depression.

I just want to know did anyone ever felt same things as i did, wanted to be alone, felt nobody would understand me (not in a EMO way), or thought about taking your life. 'Cause I heard on many occasions that left handed people are more prone to diseases similar to depression.


December 1, 2007

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