October 11, 2007

Stay with left or start with right?

A Reader wrote:

My son is 8 years old and I don't know if he is left handed or right handed. He writes with his left hand and does everything else with his right hand. His writing is sloppy and slow. He is very talented in math and he is at his level in reading. I asked his doctor for advice and his doctor told me to start training him to write with his right hand. So I tried and he complained it's too difficult. When he writes he angles his wrist so he can see what he writes, this bothers me because I'm afraid he might have wrist problems in the future. I don't mind if he is a lefty because I have a sister who is left handed and she is doing well in college. What should I do? Train him to write with his right hand or let him continue writing with his left hand?