May 7, 2007

SmudgeGuard review


Rosemary has kindly invited me to post a link to my review of the SmudgeGuard over at, a product she herself looked at last year. I hope it's of some interest to you.

We're also running a competition with three SmudgeGuards as prizes; all we want is a little artistic talent demonstrated...

Thanks for your time,

Chris Davies


  1. The smudgeguard seems like a good idea. It's made from a durable, washable material and should last a long time.

  2. As a left-handed person, one is a minority in a right handed world. Many right handed people are oblivious to the needs of a lefty -- something as simple as a chair with a left-handed arm with a writing pad. So, it is sometimes pleasantly surprising when people perceive the needs of lefties and make the extra effort to accommodate our needs.

  3. When my mom and dad first married, my mom was a quality manager, and she did a lot of reviewing, where she would carry a clipboard to write notes on. My dad found a special clipboard that was made to be held in the left hand, so that righties could write with little effort. My dad took off the clip and reversed it, so that she could use it as a left-handed clipboard. We still have it, and now I use it.


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