September 30, 2006

Please Help! Teaching How to Tie Shoelaces

A Reader wrote:

Hi. I'm hoping this website is still active since last post date was in July. I came across this site during my ongoing search for ideas, articles, advice, etc. on how to help my left-handed 7 year old with everyday skills such as writing, tying shoelaces, etc,.

My son has mini-hissie fits whenever he has to wear shoes with laces to school. Understandably, he fears his classmates will see him getting his shoes re-tied by a teacher. This is one of a few tasks he hasn't been able to master. Unfortunately, another problematic task for him also involves getting dressed - buttoning/snapping shirts & jeans. I think it's due to the right vs. left positioning of the snaps/buttons and my own inability to teach him how to tie shoes the way a lefty does. I, like the rest of the family, am right-handed (for the most part), but it never once crossed my mind to try to force him to use his right hand. I witnessed my friend's husband doing this to their toddler. He did not want his child to experience "what it's like for left-handers growing up in a right-handed man's world". Backstory - he's right-handed and gets perturbed whenever left-handers are seated next to him because they "crowd and bump" him. For Pete's sake.

Because I don't agree with that kind of logic I would appreciate suggestions, tips and/or advice from all the gracious lefties out there!


P.S. Where can I find Rosemary's articles (other than 'back to school' & 'hot flashes') and illustrations? The links aren't working.