November 13, 2005

Any other uncreative left handers except me?

A Reader wrote:

Most people have this notion that left-handers are more creative and artistic. However, I am a left-hander (or at least I perceive myself as one - doing most stuff with my left) and I am definitely not creative and artistic. I have this gut feeling (after attending some guitar lessons) that I am tone deaf as well. Based on my life experiences and the random tests that I do, I came to a conclusion that I am left brain oriented.

Am I really the odd one out in the minority?


  1. No ashrobo you are not the odd one out (unless, of course, we both are LOL). I am also non-artistic. I can't paint or draw (I was only fit for handing out the paint brushes and water jars in art class), can't play music and am not into creating anything. I just don't seem to have the imagination for it. You are definitely no alone.

  2. OMG, so glad to receive your reply, ProudLefty. (-: At least I know I am not alone, even if there are just the two of us! I always joke that I am a pirated (fake) southpaw when people start going about the stereotype of left-handers being artistic/creative.

  3. I am sorry to say that I am creative, but I don't really think it matters what hand you have. My dad is left handed and while he is creative at certain things. I find that ever human being is "creative." Creative is a very general word and most people use it to mean that they are proficent in the subject that they desire.

    Creativity used in the left handed sense is meant to be Art and Music, but in reality it is.

    Everyone has their own talents and specialties whether they are left handed or right handed.

  4. I, too am not creative in the least!! I have absolutely no artistic ability at all!! I can't even match colors! (This obviously makes it a bit difficult with my clothes!!) I also lack imagination! In a very big way! If an idea is stated, I can sometimes expand on it, but that would be about it. I do, however have a knack for "book smart" way sof things. For instance, I am a union employee and many others come to me for union rules, contract info and things like that even though I am not a union rep. So I guess all my creativity and imagination was put into another ability. I can live with that!

  5. I AM SO UNCREATIVE.... no musical talent. The only mild talent I have found is I can write a story and I can cook.

  6. Odd1Out, I share your pain regarding colour matching, and imagination. I have absolutely no fashion sense either.

    lefthandedlady73, writing a story requires creativity doesn't it? The only stories that I am good at telling, are... gossips. :P


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