October 2, 2005

switched as a tot

A Reader wrote:

Hello. I'm sure this is a common story on this site. I was switched as a child, from left to right handed at an age when I was just beginning to pick up pen and paper and draw. I play sports as a left handed person, minus ball throwing, and I do many left hand dominated tasks. My question is this: Can you tell me where I can find some evidence (research based) on the web that supports the negative implications of switching? My apologies if this is a redundant question.


  1. Here is a response from a Doctor on the Dr. Spock website:


  2. I was switched around three or four. I"m wondering what this does, if anything, for the artistic, frustrated, adhd, creative, pms, 49 year old. I can never finish any thing.

  3. I did too.. and I do have some difficulty communicating sometimes. I mean not really, but I sometimes stutter, or I don't know how to say what I wanna say or I often can't think of the word. Do you think it has something to do with this? Would it be possible for me to switch back? Or to use them both just as intensively to get rid of the possible confusion in my brains? Thanks.

  4. I have a relative who thinks they may have been forced to switch as a child. She has no recollection of being left handed but she often wondered why she stuttered. She knows that when she was at school left handers were forced to change and write with their right hands and that many, as a consequence, developed a stutter or stammer. Coincidentally, when I visited her brother who hadn't seen her for some twenty years he commented that I was left handed, just like her. I told him she was right handed but he was certain that she'd been left handed. Makes you wonder...

  5. I still switch. I get bored and I will right with my right hand. Its harder, and not nearly as neat, but I can eat with either hand. I play sports with my right, except Karate in while they teach you to not have a certain better side, though most people in the class are righties even past the rules, I have no trouble switching.

    I don't think it had a negative effect.


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