October 4, 2005

Apple Macs are definitely left-hand friendly

A Reader wrote:

I read in the "Research" page under the title "Shopping" that the author of the page was not familiar with Macs. I am a big Mac user, as well as left-handed. Macintosh computers have a one-button mouse shipped with them, unlike the standard two-button mouse with Windows computers. I have been using a Macintosh for the last twelve years, or so, and I am real happy with the left-hand compatibility. Especially now, because my family is sharing an iBook G4, and I am the only left-hander in my family. It is wonderful, because we don't have to change settings to use the same computer. It is one of the few things that actually work for both me and my family without changing something!

Also, I would suggest a Macintosh to any left-handed computer user. And not because I am already a user. I found out something a short-time ago that four out of the five designers of the original Macintosh (the Mac Classic) were left-handed. I am not sure how true that is, but I like how it sounds.

October 2, 2005

switched as a tot

A Reader wrote:

Hello. I'm sure this is a common story on this site. I was switched as a child, from left to right handed at an age when I was just beginning to pick up pen and paper and draw. I play sports as a left handed person, minus ball throwing, and I do many left hand dominated tasks. My question is this: Can you tell me where I can find some evidence (research based) on the web that supports the negative implications of switching? My apologies if this is a redundant question.