July 3, 2005

How to Talk

A Reader wrote:

Can anybody help me communicate better with an extremely left brained, analytical supervisor? We cannot seem to understand each other at all. I get very frustrated when he doesn't "get" what I'm trying to say & then, of course, he refuses to talk to me when I'm angry. I only realized yesterday that he hasn't a clue about the lefthanded brain so I'm the one who will have to make communication adjustments & I want to do it right. Does any one have some advice for me?

1 comment:

  1. I have the same problem, I do bookkeeping and accounting and work for a CPA and it can be very frustrating, but I just try say everything in very plain english that a 1st grader can understand and hope for the best, sometimes it works and sometimes I leave extremely frustrated. Just go with the flow and try to breath when dealing with this person, it does make a world of difference to take a deep breath and release it slowly. I write a lot of notes to get my point accross and this seems to help also. The person you are dealing with may be a visual person and seeing things in writing may work better for you two.


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