June 3, 2005

More Right/Left Brain Stuff

cover Handedness and Brain Asymmetry: Brain asymmetry for speech is moderately related to handedness but what are the rules?
Are symmetries for hand and brain associated with characteristics such as intelligence, motor skill, spatial reasoning or skill at sports? The theory proposes that handedness in humans and our non-human primate relations depends on chance but that chance is weighted towards right-handedness in most people by an agent of right-hemisphere disadvantage. It argues for the existence of a single gene for right shift (RS+) that evolved in humans to aid the growth of speech in the left hemisphere of the brain. The Right Shift Theory has possible implications for a wide range of questions about human abilities and disabilities, including verbal and non-verbal intelligence, educational progress and dyslexia, spatial reasoning, sporting skills and mental illness. This will make fascinating reading for students and researchers in psychology and neurology, educationalists, and anyone with a keen interest in why people have different talents and weaknesses.


cover When Opposites Attract: Right Brain/Left Brain Relationships and How to Make Them Work




cover Biological Asymmetry and Handedness: This multidisciplinary book, the first on this topic for twenty years, discusses models for the inheritance of anatomical asymmetry and for the inheritance of human handedness. Morphological asymmetry occurs in most types of living organisms, often with a systematic bias towards either right-handed or left-handed forms. The predominance of L-amino acids can be explained thermodynamically; their characteristics determine secondary structure in proteins but the information is lost at the next stage of protein assembly. Left-right asymmetry in animals arises early in embryogenesis: the mechanism is unknown but examples from a range of organisms—including ciliates, molluscs, Caenorhabditis, Xenopus and mammals—provide several clues.


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