May 9, 2005

Forcing Rightie to be a Leftie

A Reader wrote:

Does anyone know of any research that shows the effects of forcing a "rightie" to become a "leftie", at least for sports? I didn't see this abuse happening to my oldest son by his father until it was too late - he's 14 now. He does all sports left-handed; everything else right-handed. He was trained to be a leftie as a toddler because of baseball - leftie pitchers are more valuable than righties.

Now I see the abuse beginning with my 4-year-old son, who writes, plays, eats, etc., with his right-hand, but dad has trained him to bat, throw, and catch (left-handed mitt) as a leftie. Dad even bought him left-handed golf clubs. (We're divorcing and I just found out about the leftie golf clubs today.)

I am very concerned about dad forcing these kids to become lefties for sports purposes. I know there's a lot of research on the Web about lefties having been forced to become righties; does this research apply in the opposite case? Do you know of any specific research regarding my situation?

Thank you!