April 27, 2005

Artistic and Creative

A Reader wrote:

I'm trying to understand the psychology of fellow left-handers. I work as a computer programmer- I love designing dynamic websites and spend more time then I should on layout, selecting colors, font criteria etc. And my main hobbies are carpentry and painting. What I'm trying to get at here is I feel I'm a creative person do other left-handed people feel this way? It's interesting that a few weeks ago when an engineer came to fix my fridge door I noticed that he was left handed, we got chatting and he only happens to be developing an interactive commerce website in his spare time. Is this a coincidence?
What do other lefties feel about this?


  1. I am a left handed person, and I am also very creative. At the age of 10 yrs I was drawing very life like horses and people.
    Now, at 42 I am still drawing and sketching, painting and designing etc... I am also very gifted musically, as I sing and currently learning to play piano/keyboard. When I don't do creative stuff I get very pent up and frustrated. I fully believe that Lefties are naturally creative as our right creative side of our brain is DOMINANT!! Apparently we have a thicker corpus collusum which is the middle part of the brain that sorts left and right activity/signals. There has to be a link there physically, I do not believe that it is coincidence. Every single left handed person I know is creative, and I am also a beautician/makeup artiste and I have numerous friends who are hairdressers and beauticians and the majority of them are left handed!! Another thing I have learned is that left handed people are very intelligent too. I believe that we have to be to survive in a right handed world!! We have had to learn to adapt and adjust and because of that, we are more eager to accept and help others because we know what it is like to be confused and frustrated and misunderstood!!

  2. Oh and by the way.........Left handed people do not have shorter life spans either, that is a myth and is not true. We may be a little bit weird sometimes but hey, we are only human still LOL ~ DEBBZY

  3. I am left handed and have always been creative -- I am a photographer and a writer, and I also sing. I never really gave my left handedness that much thought until I recently, when I made two separate observations of left handed coincidences.

    One was when I was at a music festival with many of my friends, who are also singers. We went out to dinner, and there were about 30 of us. It turned out that half of us were left handed! That's 50% -- way above the occurance of left handedness in the general population. We all sat on one side of the table, enjoying the experience of eating without worrying about bumping people with our elbows. Then two more people arrived, and they were both left handed, so the percentage of lefties rose above 50!

    Another thing I have observed is that a lot of doctors I have seen are left handed. In the past year I have seen a variety of doctors for different parts of my body (I'm in good health, these have been just check-ups,) and about 75% of the doctors I have seen have been left handed. Admitedly, this was not a large sample -- we're talking about 7 individuals, but 5 of them are left handed. Coincidence?


  4. I consider myself creative. I won a Webby Award for my creative website... www.rtm86.com

    Picasso, di Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Bach were lefthanded... that says a lot


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